Amsterdam Attic Ice Herbal Incense


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Amsterdam Attic Ice  is yet another shining example of what it means to be a herbal incense that is not only powerful, but good enough for royalty! We have a lot different majestically recognizable brands of incense here The Aroma Republic, and love watching how these beloved rulers of the legal high stakes games perform over time.   A blend of fine Exotic botanical potpourri, with the most premium herbs.  Amsterdam Attic features an exclusive fragrance with some of the most unique attributes. The Amsterdam Attic Incense is composed of naturally rich herbal scents derived in special quantities, including the essence of the leaf of damina. It delivers a perfume that refresh and sooths the mind with a sweet sensation that helps in calming down the thoughts of anger, sorrow and stress from the inside and allows the person to enter in a state of peace by indulging the thoughts of good will and well-being. In spite of being calming and mellow, the fragrance of the Amsterdam Attic Incense dominates a frenzy of power and strength to harness the thoughts of motivation and vigor, whilst making the senses sharpened and enthusiastically intensified in reaching deep and destroying the feelings of evil from within.  Amsterdam Attic spice has an incredible fragrance that truly earns it’s double platinum grade. This double platinum incense lasts for a good long burn, and the herbal smoke that it emits isn’t overwhelming. The sense of calm and good will that comes over your senses may be though! Unwind with our entirely 50 state legal incense and enjoy your aromatherapy as if it were a relaxation experience fit for royalty. REFORMULATED TO PROVIDE MAXIMUM AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, MUST BE 18 TO PURCHASE 100% 50 STATE LEGAL. Buy Herbal Incense wholesale prices

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